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Riders MUST register their snowmobile with NYS each year.


How to register your snowmobile online:

Registering online is the fastest way to receive your NYS registration form. You can register with NYS and print out a temporary certificate of snowmobile registration immediately.

  • The snowmobile you are registering online must currently be registered in your name. If you have recently purchased the snowmobile and it has not yet been registered in your name, you must go to a NYS DMV to register your snowmobile.

  • You must have your current year club voucher available when you register online as the registration process requires the NYSSA snowmobile club voucher ID number to receive your discounted registration. If you do not have a current year club voucher, your registration will cost more and the local clubs will receive less money to help maintain our trails. The process to obtain a club voucher is outlined here

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Both links, posted below, will prompt you for your voucher ID number. This ID number can be found on your printed form or downloaded PDF and is located at the top of the voucher above the bar code in this format: 11-1111-111111. When you enter the voucher ID number on the DMV website, do NOT include the dashes to ensure that it processes correctly. 


How to register your snowmobile at your local DMV:

If you have previously registered your snowmobile in NYS, then you should receive registration renewal forms in the mail. Take the completed form and your current year club voucher to your local DMV office to renew your registration. If you have never registered your snowmobile in NYS and it is not currently registered in your name, you will need to take the signed transferable registration form and club voucher to your local DMV office in order to register your snowmobile.  

Ride legally and support the clubs!

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